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Conclusion                                                                                                             Hiring Resources. (2018). Recruitment Strategy - Recruitment Dictionary - Hiring Resources
        DPG are dedicated to giving real support so                                                                            - Recruitee. [online] Available at:
        our people believe, achieve and succeed. We                                                                            dictionary/what-is-recruitment-strategy/ [Accessed 18 May 2018].
        aspire and encourage continuous development
        for fellow learners and themselves, using a                                                                            Watt, D. (2018). Why Is It Important To Have A Recruitment Strategy?. [online] Weareoptimize.
        range of learning styles and methods, such as                                                                          com. Available at:
        qualifications, articles, discussions and much                                                                         recruitment-strategy [Accessed 18 May 2018].
        more. Through completing research such as the
        CPD Spotlight paper we are able to inform you of                                                                       Oxford Dictionaries | English. (2018). inspire | Definition of inspire in English by Oxford
        up to date trends, themes and thoughts of HR,                                                                          Dictionaries. [online] Available at:
        L&D and Leadership professionals.                                                                                      [Accessed 10 May 2018].

        What can you do now?                                                                                          (2018). Advantages of leading and motivating your employees. [online]
        By joining in the discussions on the DPG                                                                               Available at:
        Community and voting in the polls we hold every                                                                        your-employees [Accessed 18 May 2018].
        month in each of the zones, you are helping us
        to help you. We pride ourselves on providing                                                                  (2018). Forbes Welcome. [online] Available at:
        thought inspiring articles and blogs and                                                                               davidsturt/2018/02/01/4-ways-to-inspire-employees-to-care-about-their-work-and-the-
        encourage you to do the same.                                                                                          company/#515fce2929cb [Accessed 18 May 2018].

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