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DPG are experts in providing HR, L&D and Leadership qualifications. With this comes a
        fountain of knowledge used to provide you with CPD opportunities through social media,
        DPG Community and our website.

        This month’s Spotlight focuses on 4 topics:

        1. Have you used reverse mentoring?
        2. How would you rate your current recruitment strategy?
        3. How does your manager inspire you?
        4. What change management models have you used?

        This month’s Spotlight is broken down into the four main topics. Using a number of different
        resources and undertaking our own research we have gathered our findings for you to use
        and refer to.

        The DPG Community
        With many recent changes in HR and L&D, the DPG Community is a thriving place to visit for
        all of the topics and updates in the industry, with over 6,000 members contributing. Using
        the DPG Community as our foundation to the CPD Spotlight, we are able to share our own
        research using the monthly polls and gather the opinions from our members.

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