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How would you rate your current

 recruitment strategy?   What can you include in your strategy?

                      1. Roles
                      Understand the different roles internally and externally. What skills, knowledge
                      and behaviours do you desire from your employees? How does the role culturally
 What is a recruitment strategy?   fit in the business?
 A recruitment strategy outlines your recruitment needs and goals, and how you will achieve
 them. A robust recruitment strategy enables a company to become proactive rather than
 reactive when hiring for roles. It will create synergy throughout the business as everyone   2. Research different job advertisers
 will have the same objective and goal to meet.   There are many avenues you can go down to advertise jobs. Do your research,
                      which roles should be advertised where? Or do you choose just one avenue to

 Benefits for the organisation:
 The benefits to having a great recruitment strategy is that the process, documentation
 and resources are all set out clearly.  To make sure your recruitment strategy is successful,   3. Simplicity
                      Do not over complicate how people can apply for the role.
 you need to make it clear and easy to understand for everyone that will use it. Having the
 strategy in place will allow you to future plan and plan your time effectively. There will be
 less mistakes and the decision to recruit someone is not rushed with the strategy in place.

                      4. Appeal
                      You need to appeal to people through your advertising. What can you offer?
                      What culture are you inviting them into?

                      5. Decisions
                      Set a criteria or matrix in which each candidate needs to meet in order to be
                      successful in the role.

                      6. Act quickly
                      If you want the best applicant, guaranteed someone else wants them too. Make
                      sure your reference process and acceptance offer are in place quickly.

                      7. Induction
                      Once the recruitment process is completed you need to keep your new employee
                      engaged. A great induction will ensure they feel welcome into the business and
                      they start on the right path.

        A recruitment strategy can vary depending on the business needs. Investing time now will
        save time in the future by ensuring you have a streamlined approach to recruitment which
        helps you plan ahead for busy periods and get you the right employees working in your
 The percentage of learners who don’t have a recruitment strategy is the same as those who   organisation.
 have one that isn’t great.

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